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A Fabulous Place

A community blog in collaboration with the Spahr Reconciliation and Smith-King Initiatives


In a political and cultural climate where it feels like hate and exclusion have become the dominant perspective, we must find voices of hope and resistance, as well as safe spaces to share.

A Fabulous Place seeks to bring together those who feel marginalized, but refuse to be bullied. It is a forum where LGBTQ individuals, people of color, immigrant communities, women, those with differing levels of ability and countless others who have been targeted by hateful rhetoric, action and policy can resist through written and spoken word, art and music.

Be heard. Be inspired. Be a voice of love and resistance.


PrEP for Heaven: Daily Ways to Practice Spirituality

My name is Andrew Moudry and I like routines. I take my pills every morning, and say my prayers at night. That sounds kind of weird, coming from an adult. But sometimes the most basic actions deserve recognition, because these small steps toward health can help you...

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Introducing Rev. Jamie Lee Sprague-Ballou

From the desk of Rev. Jamie Lee Sprague-Ballou: I want to thank Andrew Moudry and Floyd Thompkins from the Applied Wisdom Institute for reaching out to me and inquiring on my interest in blogging, as I am traveling through a journey of being a queer gender diverse...

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Death and Spirituality: Mourning Aretha Franklin

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul and a shining example of the application of God’s gifts in both religious and secular spheres of influence. Born to an influential pastor, Aretha transitioned from Gospel singing...

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Being a Bright and Spicy Christian

Jamie Lee Sprague-Ballou, SFTS's first trans graduate, preached her senior sermon on Jesus' command to be bright and spicy Christians in the world. Take a few minutes to hear her words of hope and...

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Theology and Bravery

Laura Mariko Cheifetz, a member of our Spahr Reconciliation committee, recently published a paper on bravery as part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)'s celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Below is an excerpt from the inspirational...

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My Country Tis of Thee

Liz McGeachy and Tim Marema offer their version of an American classic with images the challenge the status quo. For more from them, visit....

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BuzzFeed Reports on the Global State of Transgender Rights

BuzzFeed recently partnered with Ipsos and the Williams Institute to give a comprehensive picture of the state of transgender rights around the world. Looking at 23 mostly Western countries, they scored each according to a number of data points. The top country for...

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Advent 2016: Scott Clark on Luke 2:15-20

The Heartbeat of God Luke 2:15-20 Scripture tells us that, at some point on that first Christmas, the shepherds go home. At some point, the angels finish singing sweetly o’er the plain, and the mountains finish echoing their joyous strain. At some point, the shepherds...

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Advent 2016: Sam Altis on Luke 1:57-66

The Other Baby in the Christmas Story Luke 1:57-66 There is a second baby in the Christmas story that I often forget about: John the Baptist. He is easy to overlook, and yet Luke’s version of the Christmas narrative seems to think he is pretty important. So much so...

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Advent 2016: Annanda Barclay on Luke 1:46-55

To Push Out Hope Luke 1:46-55 Mary praises God for a pregnancy in which she had no agency. How can she say no to God? How can she not be angry with God? And how can she find hope in the action of giving birth and having a life-altering responsibility, all of which...

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Advent 2016: Floyd Thompkins on Matthew 3:1-12

Repentance and Responsibility Matthew 3:1-2 The purpose of Jesus birth is not to make everybody happy. In this passage a man, living in the place where refugees flee, in the clothing of the poor and sitting outside of the mainstream of the religious community dares to...

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J. Herbert Nelson Makes a Post-Election Statement

J. Herbert Nelson, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) recently responded to the presidential election and the climate that has ensued. It was originally published at I read several post-election statements and heard...

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