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It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul and a shining example of the application of God’s gifts in both religious and secular spheres of influence.

Born to an influential pastor, Aretha transitioned from Gospel singing to her secular and career-defining anthems of “Respect” and Grace. She had amazing grace. She embodied a strong point of view, and her “pipes” rival any pipe organ in the world’s cathedrals.

Death can be a difficult thing to deal with – whether it be a close loved one, or someone you only know from popular culture. Think back to when John Legend, or Robin Williams died. They were parts of our collective family and conscious, and when we lose these luminaries, it brings up mixed emotions.

If you struggle with any of these concepts, we invite you to consider joining us for Spirituality and Bereavement: Grieving Between Heaven and Earth.

This seminar, led by knowledge expert Terri Daniel, helps dig deep on the grief process. For grieving individuals or professionals working with loss and grief, this course introduces multi-faith/interfaith conversations and unique therapeutic tools that combine art therapy, sacred symbolism, creative ritual, family dynamic mapping, guided meditation and mystical practices for navigating the grief journey. These conversations and processes are designed to express the energy of pain, grief and stagnation through symbolic representations that can be worked with to aid in healing.

The intention is to shift the griever’s focus toward inner transformation rather than external events, and help the griever embrace a sacred perspective in which grief can be viewed as a gift of growth rather than a meaningless tragedy.

So while this loss of a great icon may bring you sadness, perhaps it can spur you to reexamine what loss means on a more personal level. Start that journey today. Sign up here.

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