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From the desk of Rev. Jamie Lee Sprague-Ballou:

I want to thank Andrew Moudry and Floyd Thompkins from the Applied Wisdom Institute for reaching out to me and inquiring on my interest in blogging, as I am traveling through a journey of being a queer gender diverse individual within the spiritual realm of Christianity. I am hoping through sharing my journey and blogging about my experiences, a life may be influenced in how they view themselves as someone who may fall into the LGBTQ… spectrum and the intersection of spirituality, especially as many of us have been shunned from places of worship, simply because of who we are.

I hope what I share can be motivational, inspiring and informational to each of the readers who engage themselves within this blog. Prayerfully, as I am constructing this blog, I will walk you through my journey as it unfolds in the present, along with reflections of the past, so you can see how and why, I am where I am today on my path of living a Christian life. I will walk you through the ups and downs, because through sharing both the highs and the lows, someone may find themselves walking a similar path, and my story can help another person see a possible solution or possible mistakes to avoid. Of course, whenever we read someone else’s story, their solution or mistake may not be the same outcome for us.

As I share my stories in this space, I will also share experiences or encounters with others that I have had along the way, because the individuals within each of those stories have somehow or someway impacted my life to form who I am today.

If there are any questions or thoughts that you would like to inquire upon or share, as you read through this blog, please feel free to reach out and ask questions or send your thoughts. I will do my best to answer or respond so this can also become a place of respectful dialogue. A learning experience to you the reader and me the writer. Together through this blog, our lives can interconnect, and the circle of our being will broaden.

Until next time, may you be surrounded with peace and love!

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