The Center’s Janie Spahr Reconciling Committee gathered on the campus of San Francisco Theological Seminary from March 19-22. During their time together, they looked back on LGBTQ history, both in religious circles and in broader society, and then looked forward to begin planning how they would continue the reconciling and inclusive work inspired by Janie Spahr.

During their time together, they attended the Center’s Shifts Happen discussion at First Presbyterian Church Palo Alto, which featured two of the committee’s members: Janie Spahr and Annanda Barclay. Rev. Dr. J. Alfred Smith Jr. joined them in leading a discussion on the interconnectivity of justice issues.

Before the discussion, the committee convened for a dinner on the church’s campus. During the dinner, they honored Mitzi Henderson, a longtime advocate for full LGBTQ inclusion in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

After hours of planning, laughing, praying, remembering and discussing, the committee walked away with a clearer direction for the ongoing work of inclusion, which will include a series of forthcoming events and resources.

The Spahr Reconciling Committee is made up of Janie Spahr, Bear Ride, Deana Reed, Ray Bagnuolo, Michael Adee, Scott Clark, Annanda Barclay, Laura Cheifetz and Cal Chinn.

Stay tuned to find out what is next!

Below: Mitzi Henderson is honored by Michael Adee, on behalf of the Spahr Committee.


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