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“An extraordinary and moving event” is the only way to describe the Spirituality and Bereavement seminar held at IONS in Petaluma, CA. Terri Daniel and Austyn Wells led a group of 19 people through a journey of discovery and enlightenment about grief and healing. Both counselors and people who were simply going through their own grieving process attended. The seminar was a mix of academic context, best practices and hands on personal spiritual engagement. It was an interfaith exploration that left all participants deeply immersed in the healing of their own traditions and respectful of other ways of healing and grieving.

This workshop will change your life for the better.  This is an  opportunity to dive deeply into pains of the heart and then with various styles of ceremony begin, and or deepen, an experience of healing that is both palpable in the body, and invigorating to the soul.  Both Terri and Austyn bring a powerful understanding for the work with death, the dead, and the souls journey after death.  Being held with comfort, love, insightful guidance, and fierceness to offer protection and safety though out this time together,  they  offer an ideal combination of skill and ability to confront and transform grief, loss, and feelings of being stuck about  moving on in one’s life.  Learning how much help there is all around us, all the time, is a powerful gift to receive.  Thanks to you both for your generosity of intelligence, spirit, and soul.


R.N., Lic. Ac.

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